Monitored Dosage System


Pharmacy Manager supports a complete Monitored Dosage System (MDS) for patients registered in nursing/care homes as well as those patients living at home that require dosage monitoring (MDSC). MDS functionality in Pharmacy Manager includes:

  • Complete Monitored Dosage System records for your patients.
  • The ability to print MAR charts onto either pre-printed or blank A4 stationery to support Nomad, Manrex and custom layouts.
  • The ability to print cassette forms.
  • The ability to print labels, for example for non-cassette items.

All aspects of MDS are managed from the MDS screen:

The MDS screen defaults to the Care Homes view, to view MDSC patients, select Community Patient.

Important - Before you can dispense using the MDS screen, you must set up your patients and Nursing Homes, see Adding a new patient to a care home , Adding a Nursing Home, Adding a community patient.


Overview of MDS (4:27)